Atlas Metal Products, Inc.
Bernheim Forest
BP Oil
Brandeis Machinery & Supply Corp.
Brown Foundation
Burroughs Corporation
Chi-Chi's Inc.
Children's Palace
Chubb Group of Insurance
City of Clarksville
City of Louisville
Claire's Boutique, Inc.
Commonwealth Hotels
Crowe Chizek
Dean Wittier
Deming Malone Livesay & Ostroff
Digital Corporation
Diamond Hospitality
Emerald Hospitality
FFA of Kentucky
Farmer Automotive Group
Fifth Third Bank (6 banks)
Fireman's Fund
Franklin County Board of Education
Go Switch, Inc.
Hallmark Cards
Henry County Board of Education
Hewlett-Packard Sales & Support Office
IMX, Inc.
Indiana Motel Developers
Integrated Systems
Itachi Inc.
Jefferson County Board of Education
Jefferson Development
Kingsford Company
Kroger Company
Lexington Square Partnerships
Liquid Transporters
Lone Oak Lane Assoc. LLC
Mr. HOW Warehouse (4 stores)
National Amusements
NTS Development Company
Oldham County Board of Education
Oxford Properties
Paradise Tomato Kitchens
Paragon Group
PGA of America / Valhalla
PRP Fire Department
Republic Bank (5 banks)
Rouse Company
St. Albert the Great
Sam Swope, Inc.
Service Merchandise Company, Inc. (10 stores)
Shelby County Board of Education
Spencer County Board of Education
State of Kentucky
STM Development Company
The Toy Store
Thornton Oil Corporation
Trimble County Board of Education
University Kentucky
University of Louisville
Wang Corporation
Winston Products Company, Inc.
WRKA Radio Station
Xerox Corporation
Yamamoto Eng. LLC
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